Meet Emma

Emma Boote is inspired by the environments she encounters - both at home in the UK, and whilst travelling the world.


Living near the sea on the UK’s south coast, Emma’s muse is an ever-present feature of her life and she visits the beaches and coast path regularly to soak in the colour, forms and atmosphere of the unpredictable ocean.


Through her intricate observations (made using a range of materials including acrylic and ink), she produces energetic, small-scale studies which capture the kinetic power of the waves, rolling tides and the ever-changing nature of her subject. Sketchbooks, photographs and drawings inform each composition and Emma uses a methodical approach to really get to the heart of each painting, working in series to delve deeper into each form.


Her current collection of small paintings celebrate the movement of the sea and the sculptural elements of waves. Working from her studio, she combines the evocative curved ellipse of a breaking wave with an intuitive use of materials, textures and heightened colours to create a vibrant snap-shot of the natural world.


Preservation of the environment is a huge part of Emma’s life, and the hope is that her work will serve to remind the viewer to protect our amazing planet and look after the ocean - all our lives depend upon it.


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Henley Arts Trail 2021

10th - 11th & 17th -18th July 2021

CV/ Education

2012 Loughborough University Fine art BA Honors

2008 Thames Valley University Foundation diploma in Art and design  


The Painting Pottery Cafe, Brighton

1st Dec 2019 - 31st Jan 2020


Landmark Autumn Art Fair

19th - 20th October 2019

Henley Arts Trail 2019

4th - 6th May 2019

Six Artist at the Old Fire Station

4th - 9th April 2019


Art in Kimpton 

22nd - 23rd September 2018

dacre rooms

Nude Tin Gallery

8th - 30th September 2018

The Big Show

The New Maynard Gallery

20th April- 2nd June 2018

Kimpton Art Show

5th - 6th May 2018

Henley Arts Trail 2018 

5th - 7th May 2018